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Cozy Things By The Lombok Lodge

A new collection of Frangipani Stumps and other ‘Cozy Things’ from Lombok has arrived in Europe.
 A great memory of your recent Indonesia trip and ‘The Lombok Lodge’.

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A trendy table. A multifunctional side table. A lovely bedside table. Great decoration for your winter terrace. Original gifts.

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Did you know?

The beautiful frangipani flowers originate from the ‘Plumeria Rubra’ – also called the Temple Tree or ‘Frangipani’? The temple tree is a hard worker when it comes to ‘making’ flowers for The Lombok Lodge. Buddhists see the tree as a symbol of immortality.

Frangipani Flowers Everywhere

You probably still associate the unique ‘Frangipani Trunk’ with your stay at The Lombok Lodge, the entire ‘Lodge Property’ smells like the deliciously sweet-scented frangipani flowers. Nowhere in the world does it smell like in The Lombok Lodge.

More Cozy Things

Besides the nice frangipani trunks, we are pleased to offer you other items from our Hotel Boutique in Lombok. Cozy items from Indonesia as well as exclusive items from Belgium.

An original present for friends or family or to make your ‘home’ a bit more ‘cozy’.

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